Purchasing Versus Renting A Tradeshow Booth

Custom Trade Show Booth Rental Las Vegas

Why Rent A Custom Trade Show Booth?

When it comes to participating in trade shows, booth ownership may not always be the most practical or cost-effective option in the long run. Many clients who have purchased their booths have faced challenges and unforeseen expenses. Static designs can limit adaptability and creativity across different trade shows with different regulations. Renting booths offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness in trade show participation.

Why Choose Exhibit Pros?

Exhibit Pros provides expertly managed exhibit rentals to simplify your trade show experience. Our services ensure a hassle-free and impactful presence at trade shows and conventions.

Challenges of Booth Ownership:

Booth ownership means being locked into a fixed design that needs to adhere to the exact same size booth space, booth type, and show rules at every trade show. Challenges include difficulty securing space and adjusting to varying booth sizes, configurations, and types. For example, Show X may require a "line of sight rule" whereas Show Y may require a "cubic content rule."


Renting allows quick adjustments to booth size and configuration based on available space. It accommodates various booth types and venue-specific requirements.

Compliance with Regulations:

Renting meets variations of trade show rules, including height restrictions and line-of-sight limitations.


Customize your booth design for each trade show or convention, maximizing your impact, effectiveness, and brand identity for the available space.

Exhibit Pros handles the logistics and project management of booth design and setup, including booth fabrication, transportation, installation, and dismantle at each show. We draft electrical plans, place show services orders on your behalf, and monitor all general contractor deadlines and target dates to ensure compliance. Clients benefit from streamlined processes and expert management from Exhibit Pros.

Renting Your Booth Offers:

  • Adaptability to unexpected date changes
  • Budget management without significant upfront costs
  • Dynamic exhibit design to suit changing market trends
  • Logistical efficiency with coordination and logistics handled by Exhibit Pros
  • Access to cutting-edge booth designs and technology

Overall, trade show booth rentals with Exhibit Pros provide cost savings across various aspects of trade show participation, efficient resource allocation, and comprehensive management. We handle all aspects of exhibit design and production, ensuring timely and safe delivery of your exhibit. Renting your trade show booth allows for quick, cost-effective adjustments to booth size and configuration based on available space and compliance with regulations. With Exhibit Pros, you can simply arrive and have a great show. Leave the rest to us, the Exhibit Pros!