Why Rent a Trade Show Booth

When considering whether to purchase or rent a trade show booth, it's essential to prioritize flexibility as a key factor. Owning a booth means committing to a fixed design that must conform to the same floor space and event regulations for all shows. However, challenges may arise, such as difficulty securing the desired space due to high demand or space limitations at certain events.


Renting provides a significant advantage in terms of adaptability. Booths can be easily sized and configured to fit the available space at each show, addressing issues related to varying floor space sizes and complying with specific rules and regulations unique to each event. Some shows impose height restrictions or have lower ceilings, necessitating adjustments to booth height, while others may have line of sight restrictions in specific areas, requiring further modifications. Renting allows for quick and efficient adjustments to meet these diverse requirements.


Why Rent a Booth with Exhibit Pros?

Moreover, the nature of trade shows includes uncertainties such as date changes and potential overlaps for brands participating in multiple events. Renting offers the flexibility to navigate these challenges and maintain a budget-friendly presence at overlapping shows.


Purchasing a booth entails significant upfront costs and potential hidden expenses. Over the long term, it takes an average of three years or more for brands to justify the initial investment. However, as your brand evolves, you may find the need for a different booth design.


With a rental, many expenses are bundled into the package, eliminating additional costs associated with owning a booth. Shipping crates, a necessary expense for purchased booths, are included in the rental package. For shows in Las Vegas, shipping to and from the event is covered, reducing shipping costs compared to owning a booth. Outside Las Vegas, the only additional expense for a rental is shipping. Flights, hotels, rental cars, per diem, and extra travel days for our employees are absorbed by us, further streamlining costs for our rental clients.


In essence, renting not only provides greater flexibility but also presents a cost-effective solution by including various expenses in the package. We believe that our experience and insights can guide you in making an informed decision. Let's schedule a time to discuss any questions you may have once you've had a chance to review this information thoroughly.