The International Surface Event with Exhibit Pros

For the general public, we might not think about all of the surfaces that make up our building interiors, our rooms, and our floors and walls and ceilings very often. We walk, sit down, set things down, and overall utilize these surfaces everyday, but we rarely give thought to the effort, styling, installation, and variety that is required to have these surfaces properly installed and functional in the proper places. But for the dedicated and compassionate folks who do think about these surfaces, and provide the necessary production and installation of these surfaces to homes and businesses all over the world, The International Surface Event in Las Vegas provides a great centralized location for surface industry professionals to learn, discuss, and grow their brand with the best of the best.

But simply attending the International Surface Event and getting the growth and networking opportunities that you want out of it are two different things. Getting the kind of growth and networking that your brand or business needs requires more than just showing up, and that is where Exhibit Pros comes in. For any type of trade show event, creating an exhibit booth that attracts potential partners, customers, or networking opportunities is vital for getting the most out of your trade show attendance. Whether it’s bright lights and aesthetic design that attract more eyes and attention, or an inviting space that makes it easier to convert potential customers into actual customers, Exhibit Pros has the experience and booth options to fulfill your needs. Keep reading to learn more about exhibit pros, and how we could provide a revolutionary trade show booth for your attendance at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas in June.

Trade Booths for The International Surface Event

For any type of trade show, the attractiveness and substance of your exhibit booth is vital for getting the most out of your trade show attendance. Not only do you need to create an exhibit booth that attracts the eyes and minds of event-goers, but you also need to have an aesthetic and a plan for converting potential customers into actual customers or networking partners. With Exhibit Pros, you can get all of that and more.

One of the most important things to show off at a trade show like the International Surface Event is your brand and your quality. You want event-goers and potential clients to not only remember your booth and your product, but the impact of your brand and the quality of the presentation they felt. A fully designed exhibit booth from a trusted booth creator like Exhibit Pros could offer this exactly; our designers can create a theme and a style for both the color ways and features of your trade booth that emphasize your branding and service quality. Whether it’s a TV screen that shows cycling images of your completed works, a brightly lit up booth style that makes your branding and colors shine bright, or even a relaxation/recreation area that uses some of your surfaces for the construction, our team will take the time to understand the quality of your product, and how best to advertise that to event goers. 

For advertising the quality of your surface products and installation ability, hands-on and tactile exhibit booth features will give your booth visitors an important physical memory of their time at your booth. Our team can create a high-quality display that will show off the different materials and styles of your surface products, allowing event goers to literally get a feel for the type of surface products and materials you can offer. Combine that with an alluring event booth aesthetic and a variety of other event booth features that emphasize your brand and service quality, and you will have customers turning into conversions in no time.

No matter what your role is in the surface production and installation industry, the purpose of a trade show is exposing your brand to important industry professionals, potential partners, and providing networking opportunities for future partnerships or business opportunities, so putting on your best face for these types of events and interactions is vital for getting the most of your trade show attendance. And with the quality of a well-designed and fully installed trade booth like the ones we create at Exhibit Pros, you can feel confident that your brand can achieve that.

Trade Show Booths in Las Vegas – Exhibit Pros

As you can see, Exhibit Pros is proud to offer the quality, variety, and allure that your trade booth needs to get the most out of your trade show experience. The International Surface Event in Las Vegas is no different, and showing off the quality of your surface products as well as the efficiency and efficacy of your surface material installation ability is vital to gaining the brand exposure and networking opportunities that a trade show can provide. And when you work with a trusted trade show booth exhibitor like Exhibit Pros, you can feel confident in the quality of your trade show booth, and how effective it could be for attracting potential clients and customers. 

At Exhibit Pros, we have been providing high quality trade show booths for a variety of companies that attend a variety of trade shows here in Las Vegas, and we would be proud to craft the trade show booth of your dreams for your attendance at the International Surface Event in June. Contact us today to get started, so that our design team can show you an exhibit booth mock-up before it’s too late!

The International Surface Event with Exhibit Pros – Exhibit Booths in Las Vegas