AVIXA InfoComm 2020 with Exhibit Pros

The role of audiovisual technology is a truly important one in our society. From the highest-profile concerts to movie sets, to a local DJ event, effective audiovisual technology is behind the showmanship of a variety of forms of entertainment we interact with every day. It’s a technology that allows us to combine our senses, coordinate what we see with what we hear, and try to create a total package that informs as much as it entertains. We recognize when it’s done very well, and unfortunately, we literally feel it when it is not done well. It’s the ultimate aesthetic in a modern technological world, and like an effective trade booth display, it requires time, knowledge, and effort to make it look, sound, and work perfectly.

That’s where the AVIX InfoComm Trade Show and Exhibitor Pros meet. We are both committed to showing off the hottest new forms of audiovisual technology, using quality and design to gather eyes and attract ears. Our team of professional trade booth display engineers are committed to creating a beautiful and functional trade booth that will show off your audiovisual talents and products, and might even use some of your products in the showing off process. Keep reading to learn how Exhibit Pros can help your and your trade booth at AVIXA InfoComm.

Using Our AV to Show Off Your AV – Exhibit Pros at InfoComm

A good audiovisual performance can make or break a show; that’s why there are experts creating new, more efficient, and more versatile audiovisual products and designs, and displaying them at AVIXA InfoComm. And in the same vein, a good display and aesthetic can make or break a trade booth exhibition; that’s why there are expert trade booth exhibitionists like Exhibit Pros, committed to creating unique and eye-catching displays to showcase a product. 

Our trade booth displays are created by a whole team, from getting the gear there and set up, to tearing it down. Couches, counters, plants, lighting, screens, speakers; you name it, Exhibit Pros has it, and will add it to your trade booth display if it fits the theme of your brand and product, as well as how much attention it gathers. Because at a trade show or convention, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people walking by your booth. And it’s up to your setup and display to have them walk into your booth, not around it. Whether it’s a loud video on a mounted TV and speaker system, or our own foray into the audiovisual world with a small light show around your display, the team at Exhibit Pros will make your trade booth one to remember, for you and your attendees alike.

Audiovisual Trade Booth Displays with Exhibit Pros

Our team understands the balance of minimizing cost while maximizing exposure and revenue, and that’s the goal behind every display we create; we want to showcase your product for an affordable rate, so that you can get your money’s worth out of every trade booth you set up. Give us a call today and see how our team can help you.

AVIXA InfoComm 2020 with Exhibit Pros