Audio & Visual


Rising above the visual roar of neighboring booths can be the greatest challenge on the show floor. You need to convey your message convincingly and effectively in just the few seconds that someone spends walking by your trade show booth. When it comes to show-stopping visuals, everywhere you look on the show floor your competitors are using plasma and LCD screens to grab the attention of tradeshow attendees with powerful video presentations and interactive demonstrations. The integration of video presentations is extremely advantageous because they deliver your marketing message and demonstrate your products precisely how you want it each and every time. Video can also allow you to show your products being used in their normal environment as well as the ability to show case products that you were not able to bring to the show floor. The video presentations works for you tirelessly by demonstrating your products and conveying your marketing messages non-stop. Even when your sales people are busy with customers your video presentation continues attracting new customers and keeping their interest until someone can help them.

Located in Las Vegas we offer 20” thru 61” plasma and LCD flat screens to give your booth that extra added edge to rise above your competitors. Our experts will help you understand your options that make sense with your objectives and budget and will deliver only professional quality work.