Request A Quote

Request a Quote

When you request a quote for a custom designed exhibit we will start the process by collecting detailed information about all of your specific needs as well as any pictures and/or drawings you may have as examples. You can also view our design gallery for a good source of design ideas or we can add your graphics to any exhibit in our design gallery.

Once we have an idea of what you are looking to accomplish we will take the design process from computer aided design (CAD), through engineering detail to produce 3D renderings as examples of the structural design possibilities for you to choose from. At this stage we will fine tune the design example by adding any features you would like and removing any features you are not interested in.

Once the structural design is complete to your satisfaction the next step would be to add your graphic design to a full color 3D rendering and fine tune it until we have achieved your vision of perfection. This process allows you see exactly what the finished product will look like before exhibit production begins. We can also tell you how many crates will be shipping to the show and what the weight will be at the design stage before the production begins.


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