The Dos and Don’ts of Trade Show Exhibits

February 27, 2023 by exhibitpros

When it comes to preparing for a trade show, your business has a lot to remember, complete, and organize. Whether you’re looking for a customized booth design that’s going to stand out or you need some tips and pointers on running your exhibit successfully, Exhibit Pros is here to help! Keep reading to learn more about things you should be doing when running a trade show exhibit and things to stay away from. Contact Exhibit Pros today to get started with your customized exhibit rentals!

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Do: Be Welcoming and On-Brand

When you’re running an exhibit booth designed by Exhibit Pros, you’ll likely attract a lot of interested attendees. However, you can’t let the booth do all the work for you! Make sure you and your staff provide a professional experience by greeting attendees, asking questions, conversing naturally, and providing customer service that positively reflects on your team and your company!

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Do: Use Your Booth To Highlight Your Business

Of course, people can only explain so much in a small space on an exhibition show floor. When your team is speaking with customers, make sure they use your Exhibit Pros booth to illustrate your products, services, and other parts of your business that will keep visitors interested.

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Don’t: Let Visitors Go Empty Handed

One of the most important parts of attending an exhibition is standing out so visitors remember your business once the show is over. To this end, don’t forget to have something to give to your booth visitors! Whether it’s a branded pen, bag, hat, or even just a business card, a physical representation of your business can keep you accessible to potential customers once they’ve left the exhibition.

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Don’t: Forget to Craft a Memorable Experience!

Of course, building a memorable experience and exhibit booth is the number one priority, so you can attract visitors who can convert into customers. With the help of Exhibit Pros, you can craft customized exhibit booth rentals to ensure that your business is well represented, you find the right customers, and the experience is memorable, even after the show. 

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